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3 tips for avoiding claims of unpaid overtime

Your business may be violating overtime laws without you even knowing it. Inadvertent violations of state and federal laws are more common than you think. There are complex rules that govern how you must compensate your employees. These laws can be confusing even if you have been in business for decades.

Helping employees look for answers when it comes to non-competes

In the initial days of starting a new job, a person is often presented with what seems like volumes of paperwork from operating manuals and policies to tax forms and other legal documents. It may get to the point where a person briefly scans any documents presented to them before simply signing their name without giving the matter much more thought.

What you need to know about the non-compete agreement

When you get a new job, you will likely be given a contract that is known as a non-compete, or in it's full iteration, a non-competition agreement. This contract is incredibly important for both the employer and the new employee, so it is important for you to know exactly what it is and what it means once it is signed.

Don't believe the hype when it comes to a severance agreement

It's a nightmarish situation that no one ever wants to endure under any circumstances: being summoned into a superior's office or conference room only to be informed that your employer has decided to terminate your services.

How would Florida law apply in the Jimmy John's case?

Even though most of our Florida readers know much of what goes on in the courtrooms of other states has very little bearing on our own judicial processes, there are those few out-of-state cases that can grab national attention. One in particular, the case of Jimmy John's and its non-compete agreements, may have grabbed the attention of our readers as well, forcing them to ask an important question: how would Florida law apply in this case?

Employment law contracts shouldn't be left to chance

Employment contracts, including confidentiality or non-compete agreements and severance agreements, are widely used and for good reason. The primary goal of these documents is to protect the rights of both the employer and employee. Florida business owners and employees could greatly benefit from the assistance of a legal professional who is specialized in Florida employment law when creating these important documents, to ensure everything is accounted for and nothing is left to chance.

New union employment contract agreed to by Florida city

The city of Fort Lauderdale recently agreed to a new police union contract. The employment contract covers topics such as take-home cars, pay raises, future pensions and even smoking. As part of the agreement, all officers will receive a pay raise of 1 percent, which is to go into effect retroactively, starting Oct. 2013. Officers will also receive a 2 percent pay raise in 2014.

Non-compete agreements can be critical for employers

When a company hires and fires employees they may worry about the safety of their company's trade secrets or client lists. The risk of an employee taking information can be very real. For employers who want to ensure their confidential information stays that way, establishing a non-compete agreement may be beneficial.

Former executive sues bank over employment contract

Many people in Florida are employed under the guidelines of an employment contract. Often used for executive level employees, employment contracts tend to dictate the terms of salary, benefits and severance, among other things.

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