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Wage & Hour Laws Archives

Why are so many gentlemen's clubs being hit with wage and hour lawsuits?

When most people envision a setting for a labor dispute over the failure to pay minimum wage and overtime, they invariably think of factory floors, store aisles or even office cubicles. Indeed, the last place they likely envision is the stage at a local gentlemen's club.

EEOC proposal would require employers to report on pay practices

President Obama recently commemorated the seventh anniversary of his signing of the historic Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act by holding a press conference at the White House. However, the event was about more than just celebrating the federal law that provides workers looking to file a pay discrimination complaint with more time.

Cheerleaders for yet another NFL team settle lawsuit over wages

At this time of the year, the majority of news stories relating to professional football all center around a single topic: the Super Bowl. Indeed, if you were to go to any sports website, listen to any sports radio station or turn on any sports-themed network, you would undoubtedly encounter some sort of discussion about the impending matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

The in's and out's of seasonal employee staffing needs

As the holiday season begins and consumers open their pocketbooks to dole out money for gifts and necessities, many of these businesses being patronized consider their current staffing situation and whether or not it is necessary to bring on part-time, full-time or seasonal workers. 

Why are some state lawmakers living on $17 a day?

All this week, Democratic lawmakers from both the Florida Senate and House of Representatives have been taking part in a very difficult exercise designed to raise awareness about a cause that has been championed all over the nation, but has yet to make real progress here in the Sunshine State.

State lawmakers to mount effort to raise minimum wage

When it comes to the minimum wage, cities and states across the nation have recently made remarkable strides, with workers struggling to make ends meet in otherwise difficult positions now finding themselves with slightly larger checks at the end of each pay period.

Legal battle brewing over whether Uber drivers are employees

It used to be that after a late flight, night on the town or any sort of car trouble that a person's first call was to a local taxi service to arrange a ride, something that could result in a considerable wait. Things have changed, however, thanks to the proliferation of ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Uber, which rely on a large network of freelance drivers to make quick customer pickups.

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