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Understanding ERISA And Filing Long Term Disability Claims

When you’re facing a long-term injury, finding a way to replace your lost income is often a necessity. Many employer-provided insurance plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which aims to help employees by requiring companies to adhere to regulations regarding insurance coverage.

If you need to file for long-term disability, it’s likely that your plan is governed by ERISA regulations. Unfortunately, the law can be difficult to understand and if your claim was rejected and you don’t file your appeal precisely as ERISA requires, you may not receive the coverage you need.

For assistance with filing a claim or appeal for long term disability benefits, call the legal advocates at Gallup Auerbach. With offices in both Hollywood and Coral Springs, we can help you determine if you have a case and how to proceed.

A Lawyer Can Help You File Successfully

While ERISA protects many employees, it can be difficult to adhere to the strict deadlines and filing guidelines that the law requires. There are vast differences between insurance plans and what may qualify as a disability in one plan, may not in another. Understanding the details of how ERISA affects your insurance can be the difference between a successful appeal and receiving a claim that can’t cover your bills.

The skilled attorneys at Gallup Auerbach have helped clients with claims for multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel, traumatic brain injuries, mental health illnesses and more. We’re proud of our commitment to client wellness and responsive, personalized service. You shouldn’t be afraid to file a claim, as ERISA’s laws exist to protect your rights. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly against the insurance company to ensure your voice is heard and prevent discrimination because of your medical condition.

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