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You need a law firm with the dedication and tenacity to pursue the best possible outcome for your claim. Turn to our experienced long-term disability attorneys.


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You Don’t Have To Fight For Relief Alone

When you suffer a disabling injury and have insurance coverage, getting the benefits you deserve can be critical to safeguarding your future. Unfortunately, disability insurers can make pursuing this relief very difficult. You need an advocate in your corner. Turn to the experienced and caring attorneys here at Gallup Auerbach.

We can help you with a wide range of long-term disability insurance issues, including:

  • Filing disability claims
  • Navigating ERISA issues
  • Contesting denials
  • Challenging benefits terminations
  • Pursuing lawsuits against insurers

We will carefully assess your case so we can understand how best to build effective strategies for achieving your goals.

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Let Us Help You Navigate The ERISA Process

There are many potential pitfalls to avoid when making a disability claim. This is especially the case for claims involving ERISA, the law that governs disability insurance plans offered by employers.

Very specific rules apply to ERISA claims, and even minor mistakes could possibly hurt your chances of getting the full benefits you deserve.

So, you need legal support you can trust when navigating this complex process. Our ERISA attorneys have been helping clients with disability claims for over 25 years. We have considerable experience fighting benefits denials and terminations. Let us help you pursue what you deserve.

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