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What Florida teens should know about getting a job -- II

In addition to preparing for final exams and wrapping up the baseball, softball and track season, many Florida teens are also out looking for a job to help make ends meet and, of course, save for college at this time of the year.

McCormick & Schmick's settles workplace discrimination suit

Job seekers in Florida naturally want to be given a fair shot at a job for which they feel they are qualified. Being denied a job on the basis of race can thus be demeaning and is illegal. Two restaurants in another state recently said they would pay more than$1 million to settle a workplace discrimination suit alleging that they mistreated black job applicants as well as employees.

Man avoids workplace discrimination by changing his name

A man named "Jose" recently conducted an experiment during his search for work that revealed some interesting -- and perhaps disheartening -- results. The man claims he was applying for every job he was qualified for. He says he was sending out as many as 50 to 100 resumes per day, but he was receiving not any response. As a shot in the dark, he deleted the "s" out of his name, calling himself "Joe" rather than "Jose." As many Florida workers who have been victimized by workplace discrimination might be interested to hear, the next week, "Joe's" email inbox was full of responses from interested employers.

United States scrutinized for racial and workplace discrimination

Human rights experts from the United Nations have criticized the current state of affairs in the United States with regard to racial and workplace discrimination experienced by minorities. In addition to workplace discrimination, the United Nations is also concerned about FBI racial profiling. Another area of concern includes “Stand Your Ground” laws, which allow individuals in Florida and 21 other states to use deadly force against an individual who is perceived as a threat.

Pregnant women still face workplace discrimination

Even in today's more tolerant and politically correct culture, pregnant women still face workplace discrimination in several forms. In fact, pregnant women should know their rights as employees so that they can more easily identify and report any type of workplace discrimination. This type of action from Florida employers is reprehensible and should not occur under any circumstance.

Florida parents may face workplace discrimination

Balancing family life and work life is a struggle felt by parents everywhere. While some companies in Florida may have amazing policies that benefit working parents, others may not. It is a sad reality that both men and women are facing workplace discrimination issues simply for choosing to have a family.

Age discrimination claims accuse Boeing of purging older workers

Boeing Co. has been accused of age discrimination by an engineers union. The age discrimination claims were filed on a recent Thursday, and they claim that Boeing has been conducting a wide-sweeping ouster of its older workforce. Although this lawsuit was filed in another state, age discrimination is very common in Florida -- a state that is home to many older and semi-retired workers.

Civil Rights Act protects workers from workplace discrimination

July 2 was the 50-year anniversary of when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law. This important law made racial discrimination illegal throughout the nation, including in Florida. It also made discrimination based upon religious beliefs, sex and national origin illegal. Its primary goal was to end racial segregation in schools, abolish unfair voter registration requirements and stop workplace discrimination. It also aimed to stop the discrimination of customers at hotels, restaurants and stores that catered to the public.

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