About Gallup Auerbach

Representing Employers, Employees and Serving as a Neutral

At Gallup Auerbach, we represent small to medium sized businesses, as well as professionals, executives, managers and human resource employees in connection with all aspects of labor and employment law. We have over twenty five years of combined experience handling employment disputes, including claims of discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation; employment agreements; non-compete agreements, wage issues (minimum wage and overtime); and Family & Medical Leave Act claims

Our practice includes representing clients throughout South Florida with a variety of challenges:

  • Addressing claims before the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR) and local fair employment practices agencies
  • Representation during the unemployment compensation appeals process
  • Handling of civil actions in both state and federal courts

We also routinely prepare, negotiate and provide advice with regard to employment agreements, severance agreements, non-compete agreements and other employment-related documents.

For our employer clients, we provide counseling with regard to personnel and human resource matters, training to assist with compliance of employment laws, preparation of and revision of employment manuals, and defense of employee claims.

In addition to providing representation to clients in employment matters, Dana M. Gallup also serves as a neutral mediator or arbitrator to assist others in resolving their disputes.

While some battles must be waged to the end through a trial, verdict and even appeals, in reality it is usually more satisfying — and more economical — to work toward resolution of disputes through alternative methods such as mediation and arbitration.

This is why, over a decade ago, Dana Gallup was certified by the Florida Supreme Court for his skills as a mediator and arbitrator. In the years since, he has facilitated settlements in well over 75 percent of cases. Mr. Gallup has been approved for appointment by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida and the circuit courts of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

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