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Skilled Advocates Helping Florida Residents With Delayed Or Denied Disability Insurance Benefits

People obtain disability insurance – both long-term and short-term disability insurance – for the same reason they obtain other types of insurance: peace of mind. If the worst-case scenario happens, insurance policies of this kind are there to provide coverage to keep people afloat and help them out during these difficult times.

However, in far too many cases, obtaining benefits is much more difficult than people anticipate.

We Know The Law

At Gallup Auerbach, we help clients overcome obstacles and obtain their short-term and long-term benefits. With offices in Hollywood and Boca Raton, our attorneys handle disability cases for clients throughout South Florida. We have a thorough understanding of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and other legislation that regulates employer-provided insurance and disability.

Resolving Issues Involving Long-Term Disability Claims

Our legal team of lawyers represents clients in disputed long-term disability claims in employer-provided and private insurance plans. We have negotiated and litigated disputed claims against most major insurance providers. Our attorneys understand the complexities of insurance law and have helped others in similar circumstances obtain the benefit they are entitled to.

Problems With Obtaining Short-Term Disability Benefits

Obtaining your benefits in short-term disability claims is no simpler than it is in the context of long-term disability insurance. There are many ways that insurance providers deny and delay paying out on these claims. Our attorneys know how to get the insurance companies the information they need in the way they need it and to apply pressure when necessary to make sure they are paying out on valid claims for our clients.

It is one thing to have insurance coverage, but it is another thing entirely to actually collect on these benefits when you have a valid claim. Our attorneys know the law, and we know the procedures for making sure you get the benefits you deserve.

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