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In addition to employment law advice and litigation services, Dana M. Gallup of Gallup Auerbach, provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services as both a mediator and arbitrator. Many times, mediation and arbitration can be a preferred alternative to litigation for both employers and employees because disputes can be resolved faster, more cost-effectively and with the assistance of an experienced employment attorney.

Mr. Gallup is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a civil circuit and county court mediator, and he presently serves on the approved list of mediators of the Miami-Dade and Broward County Circuit Court, as well as the federal United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Mr. Gallup has been selected to serve as mediator by some of the largest and most prestigious employment law firms in Florida and has successfully mediated numerous cases to resolution. Additionally, Mr. Gallup has received Florida Supreme Court certified training as an arbitrator and has served in the capacity of an arbitrator in a number of employment law cases.


Unlike an arbitrator or judge, Mr. Gallup, in his capacity as a mediator, does not render any decision, judgment or verdict in a case. Rather, as a neutral mediator, Mr. Gallup works diligently to facilitate a resolution, or settlement, between the parties in an employment law dispute.

Mr. Gallup, as mediator, discusses the facts and legal issues involved in the parties’ particular employment law dispute and tests and analyzes with the parties and their counsel the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions, as well as the pros and cons, risks and benefits, of resolving the case versus moving forward with litigation.

At trial, there is usually one winner and one loser, though nobody can predict the outcome with certainty beforehand. In mediation, by contrast, both parties can “win” by reaching a negotiated, compromised settlement. Additionally, the parties can often times achieve more creative and satisfying objectives through settlement at mediation than they could otherwise achieve in court.


As an arbitrator, unlike a mediator, Mr. Gallup serves as the decision-maker, like a judge, as to the employment law dispute brought to him by the parties. Often times, employers and employees will agree to resolve their disputes through arbitration, rather than in court, because arbitration can be more cost effective and more expedient than trial.

In selecting Mr. Gallup as arbitrator, the parties and their counsel can feel confident that Mr. Gallup will act as a neutral decision-maker, as he has represented both employers and employees throughout his twenty years as an employment attorney.

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