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Is age discrimination affecting your South Florida job search?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2012 | Workplace Discrimination |

Older job seekers in the Broward County area may have noticed that their age is affecting their chances of gaining employment. In fact, a report issued recently by the Government Accountability Office has suggested that age discrimination is a serious obstacle for many unemployed people in Miami and throughout the country.

This week, the Senate Committee on Aging held a hearing to examine this issue that older workers are facing in America. Although older workers are less likely to lose their employment than younger workers, they are reportedly quite likely to struggle to emerge from unemployment if they do lose their jobs.

Although it has been widely recognized that older Americans often have a difficult time gaining employment due to their age, some people think the government should not get involved with this issue. However, under federal law it is illegal for employers to operate under discriminatory hiring practices that would negatively impact older applicants. Under the Age Discrimination Employment Act of 1967, a person cannot be denied a job because of his or her age or perceived age.

Many workers and workers’ rights advocates do say that it is hard to prove age discrimination. This, however, does not mean that those who believe they have been discriminated against should not seek legal recourse. As the government attempts to understand and curb this problem, it is important that workers and job seekers are aware of their rights and seek legal counsel when they feel their rights may have been violated.

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