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Policewoman files claim alleging sexually harassment

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

A policewoman has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was victimized by a superior officer. The sexual harassment case accuses a Lieutenant of touching in a sensual manner and directing extremely inappropriate comments at her. Furthermore, the woman’s attorney argues that the precinct’s reaction to the woman reporting the behavior constitutes retaliation.

Retaliation in sexual harassment violations is not uncommon in Florida. It happens when the victim of sexual harassment is punished or threatened punishment as a result of reporting the incident. In this case, the woman made it known to other superiors that the Lieutenant was engaging in highly inappropriate behavior.

Later, the woman was sent to a police psychologist who claimed that stress regarding the incident had led her to the abuse of alcohol. As a result, ten vacation days were removed from her vacation allowance, she was ordered home on a 30-day suspension. Finally, she was directed to attend rehabilitation for alcohol abuse.

Victims of sexual harassment in Florida must remember that they have rights under the law, and they can pursue legal claims to be made whole again. Every case is different, and a professional and objective review of the facts and circumstances underlying a complaint may be invaluable to sexual harassment victims in order to determine whether or not they have an actionable case. Not only should victims hold the responsible parties accountable for their highly inappropriate behavior, but they also try to obtain monetary compensation. Monetary compensation can help cover lost wages that resulted from the victim being forced to leave the company, in addition to other remedies deemed appropriate by a court.

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