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Florida matchmaking company to pay $900k for sex discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination |

When a Florida job applicant wishes to gain employment, and he or she is discriminated against because of his or her sex, it could be an instance of sex discrimination. Sex discrimination often goes unreported and unnoticed, and sometimes it takes a well-thought out legal strategy to be successful in such a claim before a Florida court. Other times, a monetary settlement that satisfies both parties involved in the litigation can be arranged prior to trial.

Recently, a Florida matchmaking and dating service provider was sued for sex discrimination relating to its hiring practices. The company, known as It’s Just Lunch, pairs men and women together on lunch dates. To achieve this goal, it hires and employs individuals who deal directly with its customers. 

According to the lawsuit, Its Just Lunch outright refused to higher male employees to fulfill the dating director role, which is the position that deals with customers. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), It’s Just Lunch also terminated its director of human resources out of retaliation after she expressed her disagreement with its hiring practices. It’s Just Lunch has recently settled the lawsuit for a sum of approximately $900,000.

The settlement in this case provides further proof of the fact that men are also the victims of sex discrimination at Florida workplaces. In fact, the law does not tolerate any form of discrimination regardless if it involves sexual preference, race, body appearance, age or sex. Victims of discrimination may be able to seek compensation from the company responsible. Such compensation may include money for psychological turmoil, lost wages and other damages.

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