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Florida residents learn of 8-year sexual discrimination case

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination |

Most Florida employees are familiar with the basics of what constitutes sexual discrimination. Inappropriate sexual discrimination in Florida may include comments meant to degrade a person because of his or her sex. It could also include certain forms of sexual harassment or preference of one sex over the other when awarding bonuses, raises and promotions, among other forms of discrimination.

Another common component in sexual discrimination cases involves retaliation. Retaliation happens when an employee is punished in some way for reporting the inappropriate behavior to superiors. Arguably, retaliation can happen to individuals who simply report sexual discrimination, even if they themselves were not the direct victims of said discrimination. In fact, a Supreme Court in another state recently ruled on a case that involved this kind of scenario.

Recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on a sexual discrimination matter, awarding the victim of retaliation $500,000 in damages, among other damages, which have yet to be determined by a jury. The United Parcel Service (UPS) employee, who was a 28-year veteran of the company, had reported inappropriate sexual comments made by his supervisor to corporate officials. These comments were not directed at him or in earshot of female employees. Following his reporting of the alleged sexual discrimination, the employee’s superiors demoted him to a lower position at the company.

The man filed a legal complaint citing retaliation and other claims because he felt that his demotion represented retaliation for his report of sexual discrimination and other corporate policy violations. The man continued to work for UPS for eight years while his case moved its way up to State Supreme Court. There, it was decided that he was entitled to recovery. This case is an excellent example of how sexual discrimination can potentially affect and offend more individuals than those being discriminated against. Furthermore, legal strategies exist that can help anyone in Florida to seek justice, and in some cases monetary recovery, for damages incurred because of work place sexual discrimination.

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