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Mentally handicapped man awarded $450k in discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination |

A young, mentally-handicapped man was recently awarded $450,000 in damages after filing a federal employment law complaint against Kroger in another state. The complaint accused the supermarket chain of discrimination. Specifically, the man alleged that his manager at Kroger harassed him and called him names because of his mental disabilities. This kind of discrimination is common in the state of Florida, but it largely goes unreported. The fact that this man sought justice is commendable.

The 25-year-old man’s complain said that the manager referred to him as a retarded idiot who was not smart enough to live. You mentally handicapped man was employed at Kroger for a period of five years. However, he was subjected to discrimination, harassment and abuse after only one week of employment, according to the complaint.

The man eventually filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company in federal court in Texas. He was immediately fired after filing the lawsuit. Regional officials representing Kroger have expressed their disappointment with regard to the trial’s outcome. Kroger’s legal team is reevaluating available options and considering an appeal. However, the young man who was the victim of discrimination in this case has stated he hopes his victory will inspire employers and individuals with disabilities that people who are different should still be treated fairly.

Victims of workplace harassment and discrimination are protected by federal and Florida state laws. There is never any excuse for the mistreatment of someone who suffers from a disability. Nor is there an excuse for mistreating a person because of his or her age, sex, race, nation of origin, religion or other differences. Fortunately, victims of such discrimination are protected under the law and they can seek justice by filing a workplace discrimination lawsuit. Compensation obtainable through such a lawsuit may include money for lost income, money for pain and suffering, and other types of damages.

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