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Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Archie Comics

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

The company that created Archie comic books has been targeted in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the co-CEO of the company is guilty of sexual harassment and purposefully creating a hostile work environment filled with intimidation and inappropriate behavior. The comic book maker’s editor in chief, in addition to six more employees, brought this lawsuit forward after a previous sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in July 2011. The previous lawsuit settled out of court but employees say that the inappropriate behavior continues to be a problem.

Archie Comics, which sells its products in Florida and throughout the rest of the United States, has been in business for many years. The problems referenced in the current action involve the behavior of the company’s co-CEO, who is the widow of a former executive of the company. The employees say that the woman’s inappropriate behavior included bursting into a meeting of four men to scream a word used to describe male genitals at them.

Employees also claim that the woman tried to contract a Hell’s Angel to come to the office for the express purpose of intimidating them. In their 29-page legal complaint, the Archie Comic employees are trying to legally prevent the woman from contacting them or any member of their families. After the previous lawsuit settled and her inappropriate behavior continued, employees describe the current suit as a last attempt effort at correcting the problem.

Florida state law protects employees from sexual harassment, intimidation and abuse. Those who feel they are being subjected to unfair treatment on the job can seek justice through the civil court system. Upon satisfactory proof, victims can receive financial compensation for time spent away from work. They can also seek financial reimbursement for lost promotions, terminations, psychological pain and suffering and other types of damages recognized by state and federal laws.

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