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More senators backing military sexual harassment and assault bill

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

Florida readers may be interested to know that a total of 50 United States senators now back the proposal of another senator to allow military prosecutors, instead of the commanders, to determine whether specific cases of military sexual assault should be prosecuted. According to one senator, three standards must exist. First, victims must feel safe enough to report crimes. Second, victims must feel like they are protected against sexual harassment. Third, they must know that they will have the right to justice in the event that sexual harassment and/or assault takes place.

Although there is a great amount of support for this bill from much of the Senate, there are some senators who oppose the proposal. One senator, for example, has stated that it would be horrific if the chain of command was not able to have the decision-making authority about prosecuting criminal cases. Another Marine Corps veteran suggested that depriving the commandant of such decision-making authority would be counterproductive for the command structure.

Senator Rubio of Florida indicated that he is still reviewing the different opinions that have been given to him. Another undecided senator is Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming. However, although he is undecided, he did say that the primary reforms in the bill are a big step forward.

At this time, there is a lot of talk about various instances of sexual assault in the military and how to prevent it. Many politicians support legislation that may help to eradicate sexual harassment and sexual assault from the military as much as possible. Indeed, to think that any person could be the victim of such abuse and not have the ability to seek justice is a travesty. Florida employees and/or active military employees who have been the victim of sexual harassment or abuse have powerful legal options available to them to seek justice. Such justice may include financial compensation for the damages caused by the abuse, in addition to reinstatement of a job that was lost as a result of reporting said abuse or related relief recognized by state and federal laws.

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