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5 servers pursue discrimination and sexual harassment claims

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination |

Five employees of a Daytona Beach restaurant have recently filed a lawsuit against their employer. The WingHouse restaurant, which says that its female waitresses are its main attraction, is facing allegations of sex discrimination and harassment. Among the allegations brought against this Florida restaurant chain are battery, assault, sexual harassment and other claims.

The five different employees who filed the lawsuit worked for the restaurant chain between the dates of 2007 to 2012. In the complaint, the women say that after complaining about the harassment and discrimination, they were subjected to various forms of retaliation. In all cases, the women were either fired in retaliation, or the restaurant created conditions that were so unbearable that the women felt forced into resignation.

The lawsuit alleges that managers at WingHouse played games to see who could be the first to cause the female servers to cry. It further alleges that WingHouse managers made a “peephole” in order to spy on servers while they were changing into their uniforms. At this time, the WingHouse location referenced in the lawsuit has refused to return phone calls to reporters. Furthermore, the company’s founder, a former Dallas Cowboys football player, also refused to return phone calls.

As horrific as the allegations sound, this kind of inappropriate treatment happens in Florida workplaces every single day. Even though it is unlawful, employees are subjected to all manner of sex discrimination, sexual harassment and even sexual aggression. Anyone who has been the victim of this kind of abuse can seek justice filing a sexual harassment and/or sex discrimination lawsuit. Through such a lawsuit, financial compensation is available if the allegations are proved in court.

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