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Director of public works gets sued for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

Two government employees in another state have initiated separate sexual harassment lawsuits against a director of Public Works. The two lawsuits were filed by females employees who allege that they were punished for not having sex with their director. More specifically, the lawsuit claims that the women were subjected to inappropriate touching, requests for sexual favors, exposure of genitalia and other claims. Regretfully, such sexual harassment allegations are not uncommon in lawsuits filed in Florida and other areas of the nation.

Allegedly, the director’s sexual harassment violations occurred at work events and on the job. In one of the lawsuits, the woman alleged that the inappropriate behavior continued for years and that the county government knew that it was occurring. Nevertheless, the woman says that the only recourse the county took was to transfer her to a new department.

The lawsuit further claims that the director of Public Works has a history of abuse. Further, investigations reportedly revealed that certain board members and other managers were completely aware of the abuse. Nevertheless, they allegedly did nothing to put a stop to the man’s behavior.

Clearly, there is never a time or a place when sexual harassment is appropriate in Florida or anywhere else in the nation. Especially when it occurs at a workplace, such harassment can be severely damaging to the mental health and productivity of employees. It can also be financially damaging when one’s career, reputation and/or job are lost or damaged due to the abuse. Fortunately, individuals are protected by state and federal laws from being subjected to this kind of abuse, and in the event of financial damage, compensation is pursuable by victims in order to make them whole.

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