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Woman claims she was subjected to workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

A Florida woman decided to devote part of her time to serving our country as an Air Force reservist. At the same time, Aspen Dental Management, Inc. in Ocala employed her during the week. Her commitment to the Air Force did not conflict with her job at the company until they began opening the office on Saturdays. Despite her service commitment being protected by federal law, the woman says she suffered workplace discrimination when she had to miss work to fulfill her obligations to the Air Force.

The woman claims that when she accepted the position with Aspen Dental, the office manager told her she would be trained and promoted to assistant manager. At some point, Aspen Dental began opening on Saturdays, and eventually, the woman’s Air Force commitment became a point of contention between her and the office manager. The company eventually hired an assistant manager from the outside who was reportedly a friend of the office manager.

Then, when the Florida woman received orders regarding her annual tour, she gave them to the office manager telling her she could be called away at any time and that the company was required by federal law to hold her job for her. The office manager and someone else told her she was required to give 30 to 45 days’ notice. She claims it was after this time that she was subjected to a harassment including rude comments from her coworkers. She also claims she was not properly paid for vacation or holiday time.

Eventually, the strain became too much for her, and she quit. She has now filed suit claiming workplace discrimination. No Florida employee should be subjected to discrimination of any kind in the workplace. If complaints of discrimination are not dealt with, an employee has the right to outside the company for relief.

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