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Officer accused of drunk driving files employment law claim

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

An ex-police officer, who was fired for alleged drunk driving, is currently fighting to get his former job back. According to the 51-year-old man, he was fired unfairly following a drunk driving conviction. In his employment law claim, he says that he should have simply been assigned to administrative work or temporarily suspended. When a policeman in Florida or elsewhere in the country faces termination so late in his or her career, the effects can be detrimental — mainly because it could disqualify him or her from receiving a pension.

The former policeman admits that he failed to make good choices, which ultimately led to him driving a Port Authority vehicle while intoxicated. However, the man claims in his lawsuit that he has been treated unfairly and other officers suffered far less punishment for worse violations. The man cites six different cases involving Port Authority police who allegedly received lesser punishments for worse crimes.

In his complaint, the ex-policeman says that his being terminated only 17 months prior to qualifying for a pension that would have provided him 50 percent of his pay is unfair. He went so far as to describe his punishment as draconian. Whether he will succeed in getting his job back and/or having the opportunity to receive that pension remains to be seen.

This case is an unfortunate example of the many ways a criminal matter can affect one’s career. Indeed, not only will one face the potential of criminal consequences and punishments but one can also lose one’s source of employment. Florida residents who believe they were treated unfairly at work or lost their job because of an unrelated criminal matter, can investigate the possibility of pursuing an employment law claim to either get their job back or obtain the justice they deserve.

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