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Female security guard initiates sexual harassment lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment lawsuits in Florida can involve a variety of allegations. Sometimes, sexual harassment is not the only violation claimed in such a suit. Indeed, in a recent employment law case that was filed in a neighboring state, the victim cited damages relating to religious discrimination in addition to sexual harassment.

In the lawsuit, the woman says that her ex-employer did not investigate or try to protect her from various forms of sexual harassment and discrimination. The suit alleges that, while she was employed as a security guard, she was victimized by her fellow employees, who discriminated against her on the basis of her religion. The suit further claims that the woman was sexually harassed, defamed and subjected to gender discrimination.

Even though the woman complained to her supervisor, the supervisor allegedly did not complete an investigation into the incidents. The woman’s complaints to management were also ignored. She says that because of the continued abuse, she suffered from anxiety-related health issues. The health problems were so severe that she required a visit to the hospital and had no choice but to resign from her position.

When a Florida employee is forced to suffer from continued religious discrimination and sexual harassment, numerous consequences and damages can result. Not only does sexual harassment result in the loss of jobs, loss of income and (in the instant case) medical bills, but also it is unlawful and no one should ever have to endure such abuse. Fortunately, when a victim successfully litigates a claim for damages relating to sexual harassment, he or she can receive compensation for injuries and financial losses that resulted from the abuse.

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