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BP supervisor pursues racial discrimination claims

On Behalf of | May 15, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

An African American employee has initiated an employment law case against British Petroleum (BP). The man says the BP subjected him to racial discrimination during the course of his tenure with the energy giant. Allegedly, he was victimized by racial slurs and received decreased pay, benefits and opportunity because of his race. According to his discrimination claims, when he complained about it to his superiors, he was terminated. Although this case was filed out of state, workplace discrimination with regard to race is a common problem in Florida, and many workers endure this kind of abuse every single day on the job.

In the man’s complaint, he says that he began his employment at BP in 2000, where he was gradually promoted to the level of supervisor. However, the man claims that, even though he outperformed his white colleagues, his pay and benefits were less than them. Further, he alleges that he had to endure racial slurs while at work.

Eventually, the man decided to bring his racial discrimination concerns to BP management. According to his lawsuit, he was retaliated against after making the complaints to his supervisors. His supervisors reportedly fabricated problems about his quality of job performance, and they began to lower his employee ranking in his files after he filed his complaint. Ultimately, he was demoted and given nonessential job tasks to perform in 2013.

The fact of the matter is, no victim of racial discrimination has to continue to endure this kind of abuse — in Florida or elsewhere. Indeed, victims can put a stop to the discrimination by complaining to supervisors, and in certain circumstances, they can pursue legal claims for justice and restitution in state or federal court. If his discrimination claims are successfully navigated, any damages awarded may include compensation for lost wages and/or lost opportunity and compensation for pain and suffering, as well as related relief pursuant to applicable laws.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “BP sued for racial discrimination against employees”, Annie Cosby, May 7, 2014