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How to handle sexual harassment at a trade show event

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

Sexual harassment is an ongoing problem for many Florida employees, and it is a form of abuse that many workers must face very single day on the job. However, some circumstances involving sexual harassment are easier for a victim to address than others. For example, when the sexual harassment occurs outside of a traditional workplace setting, it can be difficult to correct. Trade shows, networking functions and speaking engagements are just a few such situations where victims may not have the usual channels by which to report and stop sexual harassment.

Indeed, at a trade show, where employees from a variety of companies are interacting with one another, a sexual harassment victim may not be able to get the disciplinary action that the behavior requires. Simply reporting the incident to the human resources representative at one’s company may not be enough if the harasser is employed by another firm. Nevertheless, by addressing the behavior immediately at the moment it occurs, victims have a better chance of putting a stop to it.

According to one expert and author, the best course of action is to confront the behavior. Victims can say something like this: “Your comments are completely inappropriate and this conversation is over.” Then, it is important to leave. It is always best to give a concise response like this and then walk away from the situation.

Florida employees who find themselves being victimized by sexual harassment in their own workplaces, on the other hand, will likely have much clearer cases for legal retribution. A sexual harassment victim can pursue an employment law case, for example, against an employer and managers who perpetrated and/or neglected to stop sexual harassment from occurring. Every case of this type is different, and so too are the available remedies, which may include financial restitution for lost income, reinstatement to one’s former position, restitution for lost opportunity and other types of financial remedies.

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