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Snoop Dogg hit with bodyguards’ employment law claims

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

Snoop Dogg’s former bodyguards initiated lawsuits against him on a recent Friday. In their complaint, the three bodyguards say that they were forced to complete their job duties under poor working conditions and that they were wrongfully terminated. The employment law claim also says that the bodyguards were underpaid and underworked.

Multiple companies, in addition to the rapper, were named in the complaint. According to the lawsuit, the bodyguards were responsible for monitoring Snoop Dogg’s contact with the public and assisting while he was traveling between events, some of which may have occurred in Florida and other parts of the United States. The bodyguards say that they were also required to go grocery shopping and complete other errands for the rapper and his family.

The bodyguards say that their work duties continued around the clock when the rapper was touring. In some cases, the bodyguards say they were only able to sleep for three hours. Although the men received a base pay of $25 per hour, they claim that they did not receive their overtime rate until after they had worked for 12 consecutive hours. Furthermore, during tours, they received a $300 flat rate, without breaks and only 30 minutes for meals.

Finally, the bodyguards also claimed wrongful termination in their employment law case, saying that they were fired for allegedly submitting complaints to their employer for unpaid overtime and labor code violations. These men, if successful in the litigation of their disputes, could obtain compensation for the poor working conditions and wrongful termination they claim to have endured. Compensation for a successfully directed wrongful termination claim in Florida may include money for lost wages, money for lost opportunity and other forms of restitution, including punitive damages and attorneys’ fees in certain cases.

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