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Ex-employee of Tinder sues company for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

An ex-employee of the company that created the Tinder dating application is suing her former employer for discrimination and sexual harassment. Tinder is a popular cell phone application used by individuals in Florida and the rest of the world in order to meet for dating purposes. The woman who filed the sexual harassment suit against Tinder is a former marketing Vice President for the company.

The ex-employee of the dating application company said that she was harassed for a period of 18 months beginning at the end of 2012. According to the lawsuit, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer took away her title of co-founder because she was female. She also said that the Chief Marketing Officer publicly called her names and made other insults.

She further claimed that the CEO of the company ignored her complaints about the discrimination and harassment. According to a spokesman for IAC/InterActiveCorp, which owns the majority share of Tinder, the CEO was suspended in order to conduct an internal investigation. IAC/InterActiveCorp also stated that the ex-employee’s legal complaints were unfounded.

No matter how large or successful a company, and no matter how seemingly small and insignificant an employee, no Florida resident ever has to put up with unfair discrimination and/or sexual harassment on the job. Indeed, powerful state and federal laws exist to protect the victims of harassment from further abuse. The law also supports victims in seeking monetary restitution and other types of remedies for the damages they may have suffered as a result of such abuse.

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