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Sexual harassment allegations filed against Yahoo

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2014 | Sexual Harassment |

A former employee of Yahoo has accused her manager of sexually harassing her. The woman says that her female supervisor coerced her into performing oral sex acts on her with the promise of helping her to get ahead at work. The manager also told the woman to move into Yahoo housing, where she could spend the night at her living quarters with her. The sexual harassment got so bad that, in some contexts, it could be classified as sexual assault.

Allegedly, the manager would even order her employee to have sex with her on the weekends and then force her to work odd hours and perform work tasks at times when she should have been free of her work responsibilities. Like a lot of sexual harassment cases that occur in Florida, in this out-of-state case, after the woman informed her manager that she would no longer provide her with sexual favors, she was retaliated against. The woman experienced drops in her performance reviews and was no longer assigned as the leader of certain projects.

The complaint further alleges that Yahoo human resources did not adequately investigate her complaints after she reported the abuse. Later, the lawsuit says she was terminated by Yahoo as a result of retaliation. So far, Yahoo and the female supervisor claim that the ex-employee’s allegations are unfounded.

In the state of Florida, no work circumstances exist under which sexual harassment is in any way appropriate. In the event that a Florida employee is subjugated to this unlawful behavior on the job, he or she will have the right to seek financial recoveries for the injuries and wrongs that were perpetrated by the abuse. Compensation in such cases might include money for lost pay, money for psychological turmoil and other types of damages.

Source: The Daily Beast, “Yahoo’s Accused Sexual Harasser Asked Women to Wear More Skirts at Work“, Olivia Nuzzi, July 7, 2014