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Florida employment law protects workers from sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2014 | Wage & Hour Laws |

These days, most Florida employers — especially large-scale corporations — train their employees to prevent instances of sexual harassment. Many companies also have policies written in their corporate handbooks and diligently supervise their employees for any signs of a sexually related employment law violation. Nevertheless, sexual harassment is still a problem in this state and other areas of the country.

Indeed, numerous Florida workers suffer daily in hostile working conditions that involve inappropriate comments, inappropriate touching and sexual intimidation. These employees are often too embarrassed to report the bad behavior, or their abusers intimidate them into keeping quiet. The problem becomes even more difficult to report if the person one must report the abuse to is also the one who is doing the abusing.

The Law Offices of Dana M. Gallup, P.A. is passionate about counseling clients on how to bring up sexual harassment issues with their employers. In the event that an employee’s complaint is not appropriately acted upon, our firm can assist its clients to pursue a sexual harassment claim by way of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. We also assist clients in pursuing civil claims for restitution relating to the financial damages they have incurred as a result of the sexual harassment.

Florida residents who suffer from sexual harassment on the job are often in the difficult position of needing to preserve their source of income. These individuals sometimes avoid reporting the harassment for fear they will lose their job. However, employment law in this state provides that it is unlawful for a company to retaliate against and/or terminate an employee for complaining about harassment. In the event that this occurs, employees can seek protection and further relief under the law.

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