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4 reasons disability insurance claims get denied

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Disability Benefits |

Individuals across the nation suffer injuries every day. Some injuries are fairly mild with minimal recovery. These types do not typically affect people’s lives much. Alternately, other injuries can be very severe. People may require extensive medical treatment, a lengthy hospital stay and extensive rehabilitation. Further, those who suffer severe injuries are often unable to work.

Many people are fortunate enough to have disability insurance – either through a private insurance policy or through their work – to cover expenses associated with a serious injury. Sadly, filing a claim and receiving disability benefits when they are desperately needed is far from quick and easy. In many cases, insurance claims are denied. But why?

Common reasons disability claims are denied

There are a variety of reasons why insurance companies deny disability claims. Common reasons include the following:

  • Incomplete Claim Paperwork – Insurance companies are notorious for requiring claimants to submit lots of documentation. If a claimant fails to fill out or submit required paperwork or requested medical documents, their claim for benefits could be denied.
  • Missed Deadline – Some insurance companies require claims to be filed within a certain time after the injury occurs. Missing that deadline could result in a denial.
  • Medical Difference of Opinion – The insurance company’s doctors may disagree with the  claimant’s primary care doctor. This inconsistency could also be a reason for denying benefits.
  • Failing to Complete Treatment – Treating doctors may prescribe certain ongoing care, like physical therapy. If a claimant fails to follow through on the suggested medical care to help in recovery, their benefits could be discontinued.

When injuries force people to miss work, it can be scary and devastating. A denied disability claim makes the situation even scarier. However, claimants should not lose hope; insurance carriers deny claims every day. Getting the help of an experienced disability insurance attorney who is well-versed in the law is recommended. A lawyer can access your injury or illness and determine how to best rectify the situation.