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Wage and hour disputes can disrupt workplace environments

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Employment Law -- Employee |

It’s a pretty simple concept: Workers should get paid under the law what they are entitled to get paid.  In reality, however, there are multiple ways in which wage and hour issues can and do disrupt a workplace. Florida employees and employers alike must be cognizant of these issues and know what options are available to address disputes.

Overtime pay and tips 

For example, a common wage and hour dispute involves the failure of an employer to pay proper overtime wages. Sometimes, it is simply a mathematical issue that needs to be corrected. In other situations, there is a willful failure on the part of an employer to follow wage and hour laws. When this occurs, the employer may face legal action. Following minimum wage laws and laws related to tips are also issues that can find employers facing off against current and former employees.

These types of workplace disruptions can be costly to employers and employees. When a wage and hour dispute arises in the workplace – whether as an employer or employee – there are legal options available.

In some cases, it’s a matter of the employer and employee simply discussing the issue together. The employer can correct the simple mistake and pay the employee accordingly. In other situations, reinforcement is needed. A legal advocate may need to examine the situation and, if any violations are found, take action to ensure compliance with the law.