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Watch out for subtle signs of age discrimination

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Workplace Discrimination |

If you are a worker aged 40 or older, you could face age discrimination in the workplace. But signs of this type of discrimination are likely to be subtle microaggressions rather than blatant behaviors.

To learn more about the signs of systemic age discrimination, read more below.

Code words in job descriptions

Some words that employers toss out when they have no plans to hire older workers include the following in their job descriptions and recruitment efforts:

  • Energetic
  • Recent graduates
  • Fresh ideas
  • Youthful perspective

These are only a few examples of words job creators may use rto discriminate against older applicants.

Lost opportunities

When companies promote and train workers, are employees of all ages offered these opportunities? Or is it just the under-40 team members who are getting the training for the biggest projects? Ageism in the workplace can slam many career doors for older workers.

Facing social segregation at the office

While you can’t force friendships and colleagues don’t necessarily become buddies, there are ways to segregate workers by age. Examples include being excluded from after-work Happy Hours or the company’s fantasy football league or golf weekends.

Pink slips for older folks

Companies do downsize, and sometimes it makes financial sense to lay off the highest-paid workers, i.e., the oldest ones. But if it is only older workers getting pink-slipped on the job, it could very well be an example of age discrimination on the job.

What workers can do

If you decide to fight back against discrimination in the workplace, you will need to gather evidence of it occurring on the job. Take notes, interview sympathetic colleagues and learn all you can about the laws governing workplace discrimination here in Florida.