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What should Florida workers know about overtime?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2024 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Anyone who works in Florida should understand what pay they’re eligible to receive. Because issues can occur with pay, it’s critical that everyone who’s working for pay knows everything they can about their rights in this area.

For many workers, overtime is a part of their pay. Overtime in Florida is governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is a federal law. There are very specific times when people are entitled to receive 1.5 times their normal pay rate. Special considerations are in place for workers whose pay is based on an hourly rate plus commissions. Because of the specifics of these laws, it’s critical that all workers know how overtime applies to them.

When does overtime pay go into effect?

Florida workers who put in at least 40 hours in a workweek are entitled to receive overtime after their 40th hour on the clock. This is based on a 7-day work week that always begins on the same day. Employers can choose the start and end of the week, so employees should know when their week starts so they can keep track of their hours.

What occupations aren’t entitled to overtime?

Certain workers aren’t entitled to receive overtime pay. These include outside sales professionals, certain supervisors whose primary duty is management, most truckers and most railroad workers. There are also certain salary workers who won’t receive overtime pay.

Anyone who believes they’re supposed to receive overtime pay and doesn’t get it should explore their legal options. This can help them to receive the pay they’re due, but these cases can become complex. Working with someone familiar with these matters may help them present their case in a way that clearly shows their right to receive overtime pay.