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Fired school principal threatens to file employment law claim

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

Recently, the principal of an elementary school threatened to file a wrongful termination suit. She was allegedly fired for complaining about an unfair school policy. Although this situation happened out of state, residents of Florida may be interested in the woman’s complaints because they bring to light a very special problem. When a person is fired after making a stand for what she believes is morally right, can she file an employment law case to get her job back?

In this particular situation, the woman says that she complained about a policy requiring her children’s hands to be stamped if they failed to bring enough lunch money. After she told her superiors that the policy was humiliating and branding, in addition to disrespecting children of lower economic means, she was terminated. The woman says she was shocked by the reaction of her bosses.

Prior to the termination, she had been employed as a principal for a period of nine years. Now, she is fighting to get reinstated back into her former position. A number of parents of children who are attending the school have shown their support for the former principal. They believe she has become a victim of school politics. One parent claimed that the ex-principal was bullied and said that they want to see her back in her job.

A full analysis of the facts surrounding this woman’s termination will be necessary to determine the strengths and weaknesses of her potential employment law claim. Particularly, it may be necessary to take a close look at the woman’s employment record and disciplinary history, and the exact reasoning for the school board’s decision to terminate her. By reviewing these facts, a case may be made for reinstating the woman to her former job. Certainly, whenever a Florida employee’s moral sense of duty conflicts with that of her employer, and it results in her termination, the potential for employment law litigation exists.

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