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Whistleblowers need a strong legal ally by their side

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2015 | Wrongful Termination |

For the majority of people, the days, weeks and months spent at a job pass rather uneventfully with duties being performed and paychecks collected. While this day-to-day routine can certainly become mundane, there is nevertheless a certain comfort that can be derived from expecting no surprises and becoming increasingly skilled at your job.

What happens, however, when this relative tranquility is suddenly interrupted by your discovery that a supervisor or manger is willfully engaging in illegal activity?

Once your initial shock subsides, you may feel as if you have only two options:

  • Ignore what you discovered and simply go back to your job
  • Speak with a human resources representative, different manager or another company official about what you learned

While it’s true that these are options, the first choice may seem unpalatable, while the second option is not without certain risk, as it’s possible that retaliatory action — demotion, harassment, pay cuts, poor reviews, termination — could be taken against you.

The good news to all this is that there is a third and perhaps much more desirable option: speaking with a skilled employment law attorney.

At Gallup Law, we have extensive experience helping employees who find themselves in these difficult positions. From explaining how you are protected by Florida’s Whistleblower Protection Act to discussing the steps you are legally permitted to take in investigating the issue, we can guide you through the entire process of alerting authorities about malfeasance in the workplace.

Furthermore, in the event your employer takes any sort of retaliatory measures against you for blowing the whistle, we are fully prepared to pursue the legal remedies available, including compensation for lost wages, other damages and even reinstatement.

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