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Helping Florida Employees With Whistleblowers Matters And Retaliation At Work

When working within a company, you may have access and insight into information that no one else does. If you see your supervisors or managers willfully engaging in illegal activity, you might be the only person who can bring it forward and stop it from happening.

With offices in Hollywood and Boca Raton, Florida, at Gallup Auerbach, we protect employees who need to bring forth information about wrongdoing in the workplace. Understandably, employees often come into our office worried about whistleblower claims and wrongful termination, or they have already suffered consequences from speaking up to a manager or human resources representative.

If you have witnessed illegal activity at work, you have a right under Florida’s Whistleblower Protection Act and other state and federal laws to object or refuse to participate in the illegal conduct or to report that conduct to the appropriate person within the company or even an outside law enforcement agency. And you are protected from employer retaliation when you do.

We can protect you when you have suffered harassment at work, demotion or unjust disciplinary actions, pay cuts or wrongful termination as the result of taking action against: Discrimination, Sexual harassment, Wage and hour violations, Fraudulent accounting practices, Insurance or banking fraud, Health and safety violations, Other issues of prevalent and pervasive employment law violations.

As with many Florida employment law issues, your employer must be made aware of the problems you have experienced or witnessed in order for the company to remedy the situation. The trouble with this, however, is that many employees step forward but end up experiencing pushback or retaliation at work.

A Lawyer To Walk You Through The Process And Protect Your Job Security

When you contact our office, conveniently located in Hollywood and Boca Raton, Florida, we will help you understand what steps to take, what documentation to preserve, what your rights are in investigating the issues yourself and at what point filing a claim makes sense. Furthermore, if you have already lost your job as a result of speaking up at work, we will pursue the remedies that are right for you. That may involve the pursuit of compensation for lost wages and other damages or may involve reinstatement to the workplace you left.

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