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Zero Tolerance For Discrimination In The Florida Workplace On The Basis of Race

The main federal law addressing racial discrimination in the workplace comes under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is illegal for employers to:

  • Pass over a job candidate because of race
  • Fire or unfairly discipline a worker because of race
  • Pay an employee less because of race
  • Not provide benefits, promotions, or opportunities because of an employee’s race
  • Wrongly classify an employee because of race
  • Subject an employee to a hostile work environment because of race

Racial Discrimination on the Job Has Not Gone Away, But Has Sometimes Gone Underground

Nowadays, it is rare for an employer to come right out and state that race is the reason for an action. Employees and job applicants may have no idea why they are treated less well, or they may have a suspicion without any direct evidence. That’s why it is important to have experienced lawyers analyze your case to explore indications of discrimination

What Types Of Discrimination Evidence Carry Weight?

  • Race-based comments by the employer
  • Statistical evidence of disparate treatment (e.g. The employer hires no minorities for a certain level of position)
  • Employees of a one race are treated differently than those of another race
  • An internal memorandum revealing an intent or willingness to discriminate
  • Anecdotal evidence of discrimination
  • A clearly less-qualified individual is hired

These are seldom easy cases. Employers may even acknowledge that discrimination occurred, but that was not the reason for your termination. This is why you need a skilled lawyer in your corner, to fend off excuses and distractions.

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