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Baby Boomers Fight Back Against Age Discrimination In Florida

Some employers value older workers for their experience, resilience and good judgment. Other employers see all kinds of liabilities with older workers: increased health care costs, performance slowdowns, disinclination to learn new ways, the insecurity some young managers feel leading older subordinates. And so these employers look for ways to not hire, not promote, discourage or terminate older workers — and that is against the law.

Powerful Employment Law for Older Workers

With offices in Hollywood and Boca Raton, Florida, at Gallup Auerbach, we represent individuals who believe — and can substantiate — that they have been discriminated against in employment because of their age. We also represent clients who have been retaliated against because they complained about age discrimination.

These are some of the forms age discrimination takes:

  • Being asked your age in a job interview or other questions intended to learn your age such as when you graduated from high school, earned a college degree or worked at a particular place.
  • Co-workers and supervisors making thinly veiled remarks about your age. Recruitment materials may stress a youthful, supercharged workforce.
  • Different disciplinary actions are taken against older workers.
  • When layoffs hit the company, it’s older workers who are let go.
  • An in-company opportunity such as a position opening, that is offered to a less qualified younger person.

Key Age Discrimination Laws You Should Know

The federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) prohibits employers with 20 or more employees from discriminating against employees or applicants on the basis of age.

The Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA) prohibits employment practices that discriminate on the basis of age and applies to employers with 15 or more employees.

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Age discrimination cases are not easy to win. You must be able to demonstrate that it was your age that caused you to be mistreated — not your performance or some other factor.

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