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Helping Florida Employees With Severance Agreements

If you are an employee being separated from your company and your employer has offered you a severance agreement, it is generally in your best interest to have the agreement reviewed by an experienced employment law attorney.

Often times, a severance agreement will contain a full general release in favor of the employer, meaning that, by signing the agreement, you may be waiving your right to bring any claim. Also, a severance agreement drafted by the employer is usually written to serve the best interests of the employer.

At Gallup Auerbach, in South Florida, we strongly recommend that employees presented with a severance agreement have a lawyer review the agreement to determine if more favorable terms or compensation can be achieved. In particular, our firm can analyze whether you have any potential claims against the employer and, if so, whether the severance package offered provides adequate compensation for release of those claims.

In many cases where potential claims exist, we have been successful in achieving a greater severance than the amount initially offered by the employer. We can help you thoroughly consider both monetary and non-monetary terms of your severance agreement.

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