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Combating Gender Discrimination At Work: Wage Discrepancies And Unjust Hiring Practices

Discrimination in the workplace is more prevalent than many people realize, particularly discrimination related to an employee’s gender. Despite equal opportunity employment laws and explicit details in employment handbooks that declare discriminatory behavior illegal, discrimination still takes place in the form of wage discrepancies between male and female workers and the types of positions that men and women hold.

These discrepancies are rarely the result of merit-based pay rates and promotions, as many employers suggest. There is often an underlying cause — one founded in biases and prejudices against certain individuals in the workplace.

The Opportunity To Fight Back

With offices in Hollywood and Boca Raton, Florida, at Gallup Auerbach, we understand that the problems you are facing at work are highly personal. You likely do not want to “rock the boat” or make the workplace an even more hostile environment than the one you are currently experiencing. There are ways to take legal action and address your concerns without putting your job at risk. It begins by speaking with an experienced employment law attorney.

Extensive Experience In The Employment Law Arena

Dana M. Gallup and Jacob K. Auerbach have a combined 30 years of experience practicing employment law in South Florida. They have earned a reputation for excellence in this discipline because they come to work every day with a passion for what they do. When you work with Dana and Jacob, you will have your questions answered by lawyers who will take the time to listen to you, help you understand the legal process and be straightforward about what options are available and likely to yield a favorable result in your case.

Taking Action When You Have Been Mistreated

Too many times, we hear about people who have experienced gender discrimination at work through undervalued pay rates, disadvantages in being hired and being overlooked for well-deserved promotions.

When we investigate further, we often find prevalent and pervasive employment practices on the part of the employer that involve skewing promotions or hiring away from women who have young children at home (even though many men with similarly aged children are readily hired by the business), or instances of sexual harassment that go unchecked by managers and human resources departments.

Let Our Attorneys Help

Whether you are a man or a woman who has been discriminated against in the application and hiring process, in the payment of salaries and wages, or in wrongful termination matters, we can help.

Send us an email today. We will contact you and provide more information about how Gallup Auerbach can help. We help people in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and throughout the State of Florida.