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A remote work environment post-pandemic

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Employment Law -- Employee |

As the pandemic-induced restrictions persisted, the definition of work-life balance also began to change. Although COVID-19 is no longer a global health crisis, its transformation in most workplaces linger.

Below are two ways remote work, for instance, has transformed our 9-5 workday and how employers and employees should be mindful of each.

1. Different meal and rest breaks

Although Florida does not have a meal and rest break requirement for employees aged 18 and above, most employers do offer employees a lunch break (typically unpaid) and several paid 15 minute breaks throughout the day. Each depend, however, on the employer and nature of work being completed by the employee.

Given many employees now work remotely, how does this play out? How is it enforced? Are employees expected to simply work through lunch or forgo certain breaks since they are in the comfort of their home? These are questions many employers are tasked with answering as their business transfers to a hybrid-working environment.

2. New job expectations

Working from home or in a remote location away from the office generates a different environment than working in a more structured on-site environment with co-workers and a boss nearby.

For employers who are allowing certain employees to remain permanent hybrid or remote workers, it’s important to set expectations about the employee’s job roles and responsibilities. Ensuring both the employer and employee alike are on the same page when it comes to working hours, availability on a zoom call, teams chat, or business system, for instance, can alleviate any anxiety for both parties.

Although the above two are important aspects of a job involving remote work, employers and employees should also remain mindful of employment laws in place as it pertains to overtime pay, reimbursement of expenses, and discrimination.