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Why unpaid overtime claims are so common

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Wage & Hour Laws |

Federal and Florida state laws protect the rights of employees while simultaneously limiting the liability of businesses. Sometimes, companies believe that they have technically complied with the law, but their workers may allege that they failed to do so.

Those situations may culminate in litigation if it proves impossible to amicably resolve the matter. Wage claims may arise when workers allege that they did not receive the payment they deserve for the labor they provided. Overtime wage claims are among the most common. Why are overtime wage claims so common?

Employees and employers may misunderstand the law

Some wage claims arise because workers misunderstand the law and their rights. They may fail to take action until someone advises them of their options. Other times, a company may misunderstand what practices are legal and which ones could lead to litigation.

For example, it is generally illegal to require that workers regularly perform job functions off the clock or without pay. However, it is common for businesses to train workers to clock out before doing certain tasks or to complete work before clocking in to start a shift.

Other times, it might be company policy that triggers an overtime wage claim. When a company has a no-overtime policy, it may fail to pay workers for wages they earned if they violate the policy by putting in more than 40 hours without proper approval. Workers may accept that decision because they don’t know their rights and assume the company knows best.

When employers actually violate the law, the courts may award workers the unpaid overtime wages they deserve. Understanding the origins of many overtime wage claims can inspire people to pursue the pay they deserve for work they have already performed.