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Is the tech industry facing a deluge of discrimination lawsuits?

Northern California's tech industry has been under a microscope recently but not for the reasons you might expect. Indeed, much of the nation has been mesmerized by the high-profile lawsuit filed against a prominent Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm by a former partner alleging that she was victimized by gender discrimination.

Ex-sheriff's secretary files sexual harassment lawsuit

The ex-secretary of a county sheriff has chosen to commence a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer. The woman has alleged in her complaint that the sheriff is guilty of creating a hostile work environment and of subjecting her to comments and gestures that constituted sexual harassment. Her lawsuit also alleges that the sheriff's behavior was motivated by his romantic interest in her. While this litigation is not taking place in Florida, situations like this also occur in this state, and they are highly inappropriate.

More senators backing military sexual harassment and assault bill

Florida readers may be interested to know that a total of 50 United States senators now back the proposal of another senator to allow military prosecutors, instead of the commanders, to determine whether specific cases of military sexual assault should be prosecuted. According to one senator, three standards must exist. First, victims must feel safe enough to report crimes. Second, victims must feel like they are protected against sexual harassment. Third, they must know that they will have the right to justice in the event that sexual harassment and/or assault takes place.

Ex-employee pursues sexual harassment claims against newspaper

Not all employees are treated equally and many find themselves the victims of various kinds of abuse while on the job. Employment-related lawsuits are a way for employees in Florida and elsewhere to seek justice after instances of abuse, such as being sexually harassed. Florida courts, and courts in other states throughout the nation, take sexual harassment allegations seriously and strive to protect the victims from continued injustice. Compensation is available and no person should have to put up with this kind of mistreatment.

Unpaid interns and sexual harassment in Florida

In the state of Florida, legal loopholes exist to prevent unpaid interns from filing sexual harassment claims. This could change, though, after a recent case has taken center stage in the national spotlight. A young woman filed a sexual harassment case against a company in which she had served as an unpaid intern. However, the presiding judge ruled that the woman did not have any rights to bring forward the action because she was not technically an employee.

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Archie Comics

The company that created Archie comic books has been targeted in a sexual harassment lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the co-CEO of the company is guilty of sexual harassment and purposefully creating a hostile work environment filled with intimidation and inappropriate behavior. The comic book maker's editor in chief, in addition to six more employees, brought this lawsuit forward after a previous sexual harassment lawsuit was filed in July 2011. The previous lawsuit settled out of court but employees say that the inappropriate behavior continues to be a problem.

19-year-old Chick-fil-A worker files sexual harassment lawsuit

An ex-worker from Chick-fil-A has brought a federal sexual harassment claim against the company. The worker alleges that he was the victim of retaliation after he lodged a complaint with his employer about sexual harassment. The 19-year-old man claimed that a fellow co-worker was touching him inappropriately and making sexual and inappropriate comments to him on the job. Chic-fil-A is a popular fast-food chain located in Florida and throughout other parts of the nation.

The shameful feelings that follow sexual harassment

Florida workplaces have improved by leaps and bounds to improve workplace conditions and limit sexual harassment violations. However, sexual harassment continues to be a problem for many Florida workers. Sexual harassment is not only inappropriate, but it is extremely difficult and embarrassing for victims to report such inappropriate behavior.

Sexual harassment based on sexual orientation persists in Florida

Many workers in Florida must face sexual harassment every single day that they go to work. However, some demographics of workers are far more vulnerable than others. Gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual workers, for example, are much more likely to be discriminated against than other individuals. In fact, some members of the LGBT community feel that they are literally asking for sexual harassment if they come out in the open with their sexuality.

Federal law may not protect interns from sexual harassment

Many businesses take advantage of using unpaid interns. In exchange for their work, the interns receive experience, industry connections, and just might land a job at the company after completing the internship. Just like any other kind of employee at a Florida business, an intern may be subjected to sexual harassment. However, interns must know that laws protecting paid employees from sexual harassment may protect unpaid interns.

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