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Employment Manuals: Florida Employment Law

  • What kinds of employment contracts do you need on file when you hire someone?
  • How do you structure compensation plans to facilitate equal pay grades for all your employees?
  • What procedures must you follow if accusations of discrimination or a hostile work environment arise?

These are just a few examples of questions you must consider when you own and operate a business. Employment manuals are the foundation for answers to these questions and for your interaction with personnel or staff. They provide your employees with a sense of stability when working with you and will help protect you in the event that an unexpected dispute does arise.

Make sure you work with a lawyer who is a seasoned professional in employment law issues, and can take a detailed look at how these laws and regulations will affect your business specifically.

At Gallup Auerbach, we can help you answer important questions, clarify compliance with employment laws and labor laws, and otherwise act Preemptively in the prevention of disputes and litigation.

Dana Gallup and Jacob Auerbach have devoted their career to employment law issues in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and throughout the State of Florida. They can work with you personally to answer your questions and represent you assertively in administrative actions and court when your case demands it.

Employment Law Counsel Should Be An Extension Of Your Business Management Plan

As a business owner or manager, you likely have an ongoing relationship with an accountant or financial advisor who can answer questions, review financial strategies and otherwise make sure your business is secure financially.

Labor and employment law compliance is no different. Unfortunately, few small to medium-sized businesses have a reliable advisor for everyday legal questions and document review needs. In an effort to make this type of service more accessible and to help businesses prevent litigation and comply with Florida employment laws, we offer dependable counsel on a monthly flat-fee retainer basis.

Under our retainer program, businesses throughout South Florida can contact our attorneys with myriad questions related to employment manuals, wage and hour issues, and other administrative needs without concern that every call, email or letter will result in an invoice for attorney’s time.

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