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Internal Investigation

When an employee comes forward with information or accusations regarding adverse employment actions, such as discrimination, harassment or fraudulent activity, your first step should be to conduct an internal investigation. These investigations typically involve a formal process that involves the human resources department and investigators who can uncover information that is pertinent to the case.

Having clear and predefined steps to take, should an employee bring a claim against your organization, will do a great deal of good for you and your business. At Gallup Auerbach, we can help you organize these details preemptively through management and human resources guidelines, and we can defend you when a Florida employment law dispute does arise.

Employee Confidentiality And Detailed Documentation

Determining the right course of action for your business and in protection of your employees can be difficult, as many lines between employee privacy and confidentiality become blurred. When you retain counsel from a lawyer at Gallup Auerbach, we will help you:

  • Comply with state and federal confidentiality and privacy laws
  • Maintain proper records regarding investigation methods
  • Interview witnesses
  • Protect the identity of the witnesses interviewed
  • Take necessary legal action, if any, once an investigation is completed

An effective internal investigation can reduce the potential for a formal administrative charge or employment lawsuit from employees. These issues are highly sensitive, and investigations should not be performed without certainty that all laws are being followed through the process.

Make Sure You Comply With State And Federal Laws

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