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Legal Representation For Florida Businesses Concerned About Wage and Hour Claims

Small and medium-size businesses in South Florida are right to be concerned about wage and hour claims. There are more minimum wage and overtime cases filed against employers in Florida than in any other state. Many misunderstand the requirements of Florida and federal wage and hour regulations. Some believe that the rules can be sidestepped using employment contracts to clarify expectations.

The penalties for companies underestimating wage and hour guidelines can be very expensive.

Resolving A Wide Range Of Disputes For Employers

Gallup Auerbach counsels companies seeking to get on the right side of wage and hour issues, including:

  • Overtime payment
  • Minimum wage rules
  • Proper allowance of meal times and breaks
  • Keeping exempt and nonexempt employees distinct
  • Wage and hour record keeping and retention
  • Seating requirements for workers
  • Tips

Obviously, it is better to correct wage and hour problems before they become matters of litigation. We work proactively with employers to address and correct practices before they are flagged, before claims are filed.

When it is too late for pre-emptive action, we know which defenses have the best success against these claims.

The sooner you come to us with your wage and hour challenges, the more time, money and focus your company will save. Call us now at 888-545-2325 .